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Wetenschappelijke adviesraad


  • Dr. Cremonesi Alessandro - VP at ST Microelectronics
  • Dr. Danneels Lieven - Co-CEO and co-owner at Televic
  • Prof. De Micheli Giovanni - Professor and Director Inst. of Electrical Eng. EPFL
  • Dr. Fettweis Gerhard P. - Vodafone Chair Professor TUDresden
  • Dr. Haas Magali - CEO and President, Cohen Veterans Bioscience
  • Dr. Harris Timothy - Senior Fellow, Howard Huges Medical Inst.
  • Dr. Mayberry Mike - Former Senior VP/CTO/Gen Mgr:Tech Dev, Intel Corp
  • Dr. Mazuré Carlos - Strategic Advisor - Semiconductor Industry
  • Prof. Plummer James. D. - Professor of Electrical Engineering - Stanford University
  • Dr. Rabaey Jan - Prof. emeritus and Prof in the Graduate school at Univ. of California
  • Dr. Stork Johannes - President Stork SemiFrontiers
  • Dr. Van de Voorde Ingrid - Location Leader Nokia Bell Labs Belgium
  • Dr. Vanhimbeeck Carl - VP Platforms & Technologies & Adjacent Hearing Indications - Cochlear Technology Centre Belgium