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Material scientist

What You Will Do

2D materials like tungsten disulfide (WS2) are set to significantly impact future logic chips. Their exceptional properties hold the promise of enabling ultimate gate length scaling, potentially extending the logic transistor scaling roadmap. These materials have the ability to redefine chip architecture by enabling compact back-end-compatible transistors, blurring the line between front-end and back-end. Recent years have seen substantial maturity in lab-based 2D-transistor research, paving the way for potential industrial integration. To strengthen exploratory logic research on ultra-scaled channel transistors, Imec is seeking a highly skilled material scientist to lead and advance its activities in the United States. This role involves a vibrant collaboration with Purdue University, Imec Belgium, and will be stationed at Purdue University.

As the Successful Candidate:

You will provide experimental support to advance exploratory research on ultra-scaled channel transistor technology within a cross-Atlantic project. Your primary focus will be on identifying, developing, and optimizing WS2 interface layers/treatments to create high-quality channel/dielectric interfaces for transistor gate stacks via Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). The role also includes screening new interlayer materials and/or process methods, along with identifying surface preparation/treatment strategies to enhance the reliability and uniformity of the interface layer.

Collaborating with local teams at Purdue University, you will lead research to develop and optimize the atomic layer deposition of high dielectric constant oxide on two-dimensional materials. Your lab research activities will synchronize with Imec teams in the US, Belgium, and Purdue, with the outcomes of your research upscaled in Imec's 300 mm clean-room facility in Belgium.

Coupon-level fabrication and basic device characterization will be a joint effort between Purdue’s and Imec's semiconductor pilot lines and established device testing labs. You will closely engage with device physicists, designers, process integration engineers, as well as physicists and chemistry researchers for device development and integration enhancements. Your work will take place in Purdue University's facilities and in Imec research labs, collaborating with an international, multidisciplinary team. Regular participation in project and team meetings is expected.

Who You Are

Hold a Ph.D. in Material Science, Physics, or Chemistry, with extensive (3 to 5+ years) research experience in a related field.
A track record in the deposition and characterization of material interfaces and in the characterization of thin films on two-dimensional materials.
You have an extensive knowledge in surface preparation and physical characterization of nanoscale thin films.
Hands-on experience with advanced lab and clean-room facilities and physical characterization techniques (TEM, Raman,…).
Proficiency in electrical device characterization data analysis.
Comprehensive understanding of the innovation process.
Self-motivated, independent, innovative, results-driven, yet rigorous, and a team player with a clear focus on delivering outcomes.
Strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills to bridge research groups and project partners.
A strong team player with the ability to collaborate effectively within interdisciplinary teams.
Excellent communication skills, fostering seamless interaction with colleagues and partners.
Adaptability to an international context and willingness for short and long stays at Imec Belgium.

This opportunity invites you to be part of pioneering research and innovation within an international, diverse, and dynamic environment.
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