/Silicon Photonics for Sensing Applications

Silicon Photonics for Sensing Applications

2 december 2021 | Photonics Research Group (imec-UGent) facilities Gent Belgium

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Photonics plays an important role in many sensing applications, from structural health monitoring over environmental sensing (air, water,  food quality) to biomedical sensing.

This one-day hands-on training course provides industry, especially those developing new products or addressing an application need, of the possibilities offered by integrated photonic chips (and in particular silicon photonics) to miniaturize photonic sensors, thereby lowering the cost, addressing new markets or enabling new applications.

The course will focus on three silicon photonics based demonstrators:

  1. Multi-channel Laser Doppler Vibrometry
  2. Disposable sensing chips for in-situ environmental and biomedical testing
  3. Compact Fibre Bragg Grating Readout.

Attendees will learn how the chips at core of these sensors are designed and fabricated. Particular attention will then be given to the challenges involved in realizing a practical prototype or even first product, starting from a first laboratory demonstration

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