/Leuven MindGate's Mega MashUp

Leuven MindGate's Mega MashUp

9 november 2023 | Leuven


17u30 - 19u00: How to hire the right profiles, even when they're not highly skilled? - Annelien Buedts, Talent Acquisition Manager, imec

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By now, almost every professional in the Leuven Innovation Region knows the concept of the Leuven MindGate MashUps: bringing small groups of professionals together in a casual atmosphere, and learning together from each other's experiences on very focused topics. Or as Leuven MindGate calls it: a MashUp is a conversation, not a presentation.

And this fall, Leuven MindGate is taking it up a notch! They are organizing no less than 15 MashUps in one afternoon, to serve Leuven professionals in a time-efficient and very focused way.

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