/Electronic Assembly Technology seminar and factory visit

Electronic Assembly Technology seminar and factory visit

8 maart 2024 | Poperinge

For all who need a basic knowledge of electronic assembly technology and processes, specifically managers and engineers involved in the design, industrialisation and purchasing of electronics, and product and quality engineers dealing with electronics. 

This seminar provides basic insight in the technology and production processes of the basic building block of electronic systems: the Printed (Circuit) Board Assembly (PBA). To understand the relationship between cost, quality and reliability of electronics, a basic understanding of the capabilities and the limitations of the PBA technology as well as the factors that drive cost and quality is a great help. This seminar provides a basic step towards this understanding by providing an introductory presentation discussing electronic assembly technology and processes followed by a visit to the electronics assembly plant of Page Electronica.

This seminar is complementary to the PCB Technology and the PBA Reliability seminars and factory visits.

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