/Boodschap van CEO - Message of CEO

Boodschap van CEO - Message of CEO

Luc Van den hove bedankt onze onsite imec-medewerkers voor al hun inspanningen en flexibiliteit tijdens de COVID-19-pandemie.

Luc Van den hove wants to thank our onsite imec employees for their efforts and flexibility during the COVID-19 pandemic. The English translation of the Luc's speech can be found below the video.

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Dear colleagues who are here on our site to ensure that imec remains operational!

We are going through difficult times. In recent weeks, we had to take more and more measures to try to limit the coronavirus from spreading and to prevent the imec community and your families from falling ill.

It is of the utmost importance that everyone does everything possible to flatten the curve of new infections. 

We are going through a very difficult time with many uncertainties. We all have many questions about what the future will bring.

In the crisis management team, we give absolute priority to the health and safety of all our employees.

And it is also our duty to see how we can minimize the impact on each of us. That is why we are constantly looking at how we can ensure the continuity of imec, our operations, our research and our agreements with partners. Many of our activities can be carried out remotely, so we have been able to implement homework.

But the fab and the labs are the beating heart of imec and essential for our research. 

That is why we want to do everything we can to keep our fab and labs operational. We realize that you have to work under very challenging conditions.

Keeping a distance (social distancing) and taking the necessary hygienic measures are crucial: our working environment and cleanroom allow us to keep that physical distance (at least 2m) from each other. Dare to do so and help each other to respect that. Also use the virtual means of communication to connect with each other. 

I would like to thank you very much for all your efforts to be here on-site and enable imec's continuity. for your flexibility.

We certainly don't want to let that go unseen and are looking at how we can accommodate all your efforts.

I can already tell you that we will be offering all meals (both hot and sandwiches) and drinks for free in the cafeteria. 

For those who normally come by public transport, we will offer alternative transport options.

You can also spend less time with your family today as other colleagues who work from home. This quality time is important. Here, too, we look at what we can do.

This recognition will be further elaborated in the coming days.

Your joint effort is crucial to help us navigate through this crisis as best we can, trying to limit the impact on all of us.

If you have any questions, suggestions on how we can implement certain things, be sure to let us know. The senior management team is also here with you on-site and ready to help you.

Together we will do everything we can to get out of this difficult period in the best possible way. 

Take good care of yourself, your colleagues and your family.

Thank you.