/Vice President for Logic Technologies

Vice President for Logic Technologies

Management - Leuven | More than two weeks ago

In this one-of-a-kind role you will have the chance to drive the future of semiconductor logic technologies. As a strategic leader you will impact the way the world-wide industry evolves through envisioning and defining imec’s strategy roadmaps for logic technology research.

Vice President for Logic Technologies 

What you will do

As VP for Logic Technologies, you will:

  • Create the future vision for logic technologies working with partners, imec experts as well as industry and academic networks. 
  • Work with program directors to define 3–5-year imec roadmaps for logic devices including front-end and back-end processes.   
  • Align the logic device and technology roadmaps with future system architectures targeting low power, mobile, high performance, machine learning and new compute paradigms like majority gate logic, quantum computing, etc.  
  • Facilitate review of yearly workplans, deliverables, resource budgets and investments across different logic programs. 
  • Technical areas of responsibility include device technologies, new materials, scaling boosters, device architectures, EDA tools and design technology co-optimization (DTCO). 
  • Grow imec business with win-win technical collaborations with EDA and IP partners. 
  • Communicate frequently with partners remotely or in person on the vision and progress across programs under your responsibility. 
  • Enhance cross-functional collaboration by effectively engaging with other resource and thought leaders across different imec organizations.  
  • Inspire, nurture, and manage your talented teams of program directors, program managers and research staff to contribute to their fullest potential.  

What we do for you

Imec is an inclusive company with a rich legacy of leading-edge semiconductor research and development. We have a flexible, open, vibrant and informal work environment with a strong drive for excellence. You will work with an international team with broad exposure to the entire semiconductor world of leading IDMs, foundries, suppliers and system companies. We offer you the opportunity to impact all those companies by influencing their roadmaps and contribute to technologies that will have a positive impact on tomorrow’s society. You will grow, mentor and inspire a team of passionate researchers, students, post-docs and partners as you collectively shape future semiconductor technologies. 

Who you are

  • You are truly passionate and excited by new technologies that will have a strong positive societal impact.  
  • You have 10+ years’ experience in Si CMOS device or design scaling in a leadership role.  
  • You should ideally have a PhD in a semiconductor related field. 
  • You combine a strong vision on the future of semiconductor technology research with a deep expertise in logic scaling, CMOS devices and DTCO (design technology co-optimization).  
  • You have managed medium to large-sized teams, have excellent people management skills and industry leadership experience. 
  • Your convincing communication style, your inspiring enthusiasm and your strong drive for results will help to create a collaborative environment that fosters knowledge, innovation and customer satisfaction.