/Test Equipment Operator (temporary assignment)

Test Equipment Operator (temporary assignment)

Technicians - The Netherlands | About a week ago

Test Equipment Operator (temporary assignment)

Execute Interconnection Stress Testing on test equipment located at the ESA ESTEC facility in Noordwijk, NL.

The assignment

  • Execute test plan for Interconnection Stress Testing
  • Operate test equipment (load coupons, start test, replace failed coupons)
  • Monitor test progress
  • Gather test results and communicate to project lead

Required knowledge and skills

  • Being able to operate complex test equipment in a high-tech lab environment
  • Critical assessment of test progress and outcome
  • Affinity with technology as a whole and electronics in particular is a plus

An initial training on the equipment will be foreseen. Setting up the test will take about one day. When the test is running, a daily check will be needed to monitor the progress and replace failed coupons if necessary.

Duration of the assignment 

  • Minimum 6 months

Desired start date and work regime

  • As from February 1st, 2022
  • On average, one hour per day or more depending on the tasks to be performed each day. Weekdays only.


The test equipment is located at the ESA labs at ESTEC, Noordwijk, NL. 


*For this temporary position, you can apply as a candidate or as an independent consultant. As a candidate, you are willing to work through a temporary employment agency. Consultant agencies that wish to present a candidate should contact Flexforce.

*Voor deze tijdelijke positie kan je solliciteren als kandidaat of als zelfstandige consultant. Als kandidaat ben je bereid te werken via een uitzendkantoor. Kantoren die een kandidaat wensen voor te stellen dienen contact op te nemen met Flexforce.