/Student project: Towards a Multimodal Sensing Integration in Health Digital Twins

Student project: Towards a Multimodal Sensing Integration in Health Digital Twins

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Exploring and early implementing multimodal integration approaches of human physiological measurements, leveraging expert insights, literature studies, and sensor data.

Student project: Towards a Multimodal Sensing Integration in Health Digital Twins 

What you will do

More than 40% of the adult population is estimated to experience functional gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, which severely impacts their quality of life. At OnePlanet, we believe that these individuals could benefit significantly from adequate dietary and behavioral interventions. However, to timely provide a patient with these interventions, the physiology and behavior of the patient must be accurately tracked in real-time. We are thus developing a platform, the Human Digital Twin, which acquires signals describing human physiology and behavior of individuals from multiple data sources. You will help us assess the feasibility of creating a multimodal sensing integration platform, support the decision-making process, and help develop early prototypes. 

The following are themes and questions to be addressing during the project: 

  • Benchmark Analysis.
  • Sensor Classification & Integration.
  • Prototyping & Feasibility Testing.
  • Clinical Application.

In short, the internship involves: 

  • Conducting a comprehensive literature review on the subject. 
  • Carry out interviews with domain experts, users, and stakeholders. 
  • Evaluate a selection of sensing integration methods on the potential architectures supporting digital twins.
  • Prototyping and testing a multimodal sensing integration, using and agile/iterative development approach. 

In this internship, you will be diving into an agile, Scrum-inspired setting. Together with your mentors, you will manage your project's backlog, selecting high-priority tasks to tackle every two weeks. Each biweekly iteration provides a platform to demonstrate your progress, absorb feedback, and refine your strategies. With additional stakeholders part of your showcases, you'll be gaining broader perspectives to fuel your learning journey. It is a hands-on opportunity to experience and learn from agile methodologies, shaping your future in the innovative world of personalized healthcare.

What we do for you

  • We have a diverse team of experts both from the biological and the technical sides to supervise and support you. 
  • We have a challenging problem where you have freedom to help develop it into a specific direction. 
  • You will join the Digital Twin team of OnePlanet, which employs state of the art knowledge on machine learning for precision medicine. 
  • You will be able to exchange views and knowledge with the OnePlanet and Imec community of experts and scientists, widening your professional network. 
  • At OnePlanet we embrace diversity and thus give equal opportunities to intern candidates with diverse backgrounds.  

Who you are

  • MSc student in AI, Data Science, Informatics, and/or Engineering equivalent. 
  • Affinity with AI research and healthcare. 
  • Familiarity with AI techniques. 
  • Organized and communicative. 
  • Basic understanding of agile/scrum. 
  • Python skills for prototyping. 
  • Plus – experience working with personalized healthcare data. 
  • Plus – experience with electrochemical sensors. 
  • Plus – experience with handling behavioural data. 


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