/R&D Engineer for Computer System Simulation Development

R&D Engineer for Computer System Simulation Development

Research & development - Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Help develop the computer system architecture toolbox used to develop exascale computer systems in the palm of your hand.

R&D engineer for computer system simulation development


imec is an international non-profit research institute headquartered in Belgium, active in the field of nanotechnology, semi-conductors and digital technology.
The Compute System Architecture Unit at imec leads research into futuristic computer systems to extend imec’s semiconductor research leadership deep into the next decade. We work closely with the semiconductor technology departments, with prototype machines and chips which are 5 – 15 years ahead of anything commercially available today. Before new computer chip designs are built, computer system architectures are simulated virtually to predict the energy use and performance of software applications on these architectures with high accuracy.
This unit is researching high-performance core designs, domain specific accelerator-based architectures, compute-in-memory architectures and heterogeneous memory systems. 

What you will do

The objective of this role is to enable imec to efficiently explore what future computers should look like.

Your contribution is to develop and manage software frameworks that are used in computer system simulations. You analyze relevant workloads, applications and algorithms and identify bottlenecks or acceleration opportunities.

More in detail, you will be responsible for:

  • Designing, implementing and managing internal software frameworks, repositories and programs. This also involves maintaining, releasing, documenting and improving existing software by collaborating with imec’s commercial and academic partners on new features, and testing and evaluating new tools from the community.
  • Generating artifacts for paper publication or software releases so experiments can easily be replicated and verified.
  • Analyzing performance bottlenecks in applications.
  • Helping others to efficiently explore future computer system architectures using the computer architecture software frameworks.
  • Interfacing with imec’s technology, circuit and algorithm experts to understand requirements and constraints for future computer systems and for the tools required to study these systems.
  • Keeping up-to-date on recent developments in the field. You do this by studying literature and interacting with your colleagues.

Who you are

“Must-haves” (Essential skills and competencies):

  • You have a MSc or PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or similar with at least 2 years of professional experience. More experience is of course highly appreciated.
  • You have software development experience writing high-quality, tested code in a production setting, preferably in python, C and C++.
  • You are capable of building, testing, releasing, versioning multiple software packages.
  • You are a constructive team player who enjoys building software together through collaboration processes (e.g. Scrum) and tools (Jira, git, CI/CD pipelines, etc.) and actively share experience and knowledge with colleagues.
  • You are familiar with the Linux command line.
  • You have a keen interest in computer systems, hardware architecture and semiconductor technology.
  • Professional proficiency in English, as you will be part of multicultural team.

“Should-haves” (a great match is familiar with most of these):

  • Computer architecture simulation tools like gem5.
  • Your networking skills, creativity, persistence and passion for what you do are highly valued. Excellent communication skills are highly appreciated, as you will work with our commercial partners in the semiconductor landscape.

“Could-haves” (it is nice to tick a few of these boxes):

  • Understanding of Low-level hardware-software interaction at the operating system level.
  • Application performance analysis and modeling.
  • Machine Learning, HPC, or other domain-specific applications and algorithms.

What we do for you

imec offers its employees a market-competitive compensation and benefits package, engaging career opportunities, and state of the art facilities. The CSA department is based at the imec offices in Leuven, recently voted as ‘European capital of innovation’.
In exchange for your talent, passion, and expertise, you will join a multicultural and high-tech company, with challenges there for the taking. Our flexible and informal working environment offers you a range of possibilities to take initiative and demonstrate responsibility. imec supports and guides you in this process, not only with words but with concrete actions. This is your opportunity to contribute to the technology that will determine the society of tomorrow. You can help drive imec’s technology and architecture roadmap to build the computer systems of the future. Through imec.academy, and other training initiatives, we actively invest in the further development of all our employees to assure their technical and personal growth. Your valuable contribution and that of your colleagues make imec a top player in its field.