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R&D Data Manager

Computer and IT - Leuven | More than two weeks ago

As R&D data manager, you are responsible to improve the data management practices at our R&D units.

R&D Data Manager

What you will do

As R&D data manager, you are responsible to improve the data management practices at our R&D units.
This will make data more easily findable, usable, available for all stakeholders that are authorized to use it , and improve the maturity of data use within the R&D organisation as well as outside of imec, for our partners, customers and the society. Imec is actively supporting initiatives like OpenScience, that aim to make research output broadly available for our society.

The role includes: 

  • Setting up processes, standards, tooling, … to inventorize, document, store and distribute data
  • Encouraging people to use these processes, standards, … to publish their data. You will work in close collaboration with data owners, stewards and users for the definition and quality of their datasets 
  • Making data available outside of imec in initiatives like OpenScience and manage the process of making data available out of imec.

You will take care of following activities:

  • Data quality management: identify critical data elements, define data quality rules based on critical data elements, resolve data issues… Monitoring of the data quality. Define data quality strategy, framework & approach to ensure data is fit for purpose. Define together with Data Stewards good data quality metrics.  Work with other Data Owners to resolve data issues across business units.
  • Metadata management: documenting data assets in a Data Catalog, add/modify definitions for business terms, associate data assets with business terms, associate business terms with table and column names. Defines standard definitions for the data attributes.  Work on a qualitative Data Catalog, but also report- and analytics-catalog (for reusable components).  
  • Master data management: identity data as master data, standardize it over the R&D community where possible, make it shared and cared for, and work on the quality of the master data. 
  • Security, privacy and compliance: define sensitive data, flag sensitive data in metadata repository, provide input into acceptable use of data based on business needs and regulatory compliance. Assisting in implementing procedures that safeguard the data security, privacy, quality etc. and executing periodic checks on compliance with these procedures. Identification of who is ultimately responsible for data security/privacy and (meta)data documentation in a specific data domain.  Ensuring compliance with laws & regulations
  • Serve as a data SPOC in collaboration with the Data Owners and promote data awareness. Supports the roll-out of a broader data awareness/culture initiative.
  • Work on data being fit for purpose, on standards and guidelines to make data ready for reuse. Make sure data can be easily reused. 
  • Manage backlog and planning, of making data sets available. Manage demand towards data sets. Manages the state of data sharing, usage, … and reports on it towards governance bodies inside and outside of Imec. Facilitate communication to executive stakeholders across the company. Comes up with recommendations for the data value management/governance program. Identifies major data problems to create business cases for data projects.
  • Works with the IT teams to select and implement data management tools 
  • Drive change management activities related to the data. Data promotion within the organization, organization of enterprise-wide communication regarding data topics.  Promotion of reuse of data, reports, analytics, … Provide training material, documentation, communication, processes, … Knowledge management: organize and support knowledge sharing with regards to data & analytics topics.  Data Community/Circles management: establish and continuously manages the data communities/circles. Drives the documentation, approval, operationalization of data policies, standards, processes 

What we do for you

We offer you a challenging role in which you think and act strategically and in which you have a concrete impact on the R&D activities within imec as well as it’s impact for our customers and society. This is your opportunity to work in an advanced high-tech environment, contributing to technologies that will have an impact on tomorrow’s society. At imec, we offer ongoing learning opportunities to help you acquire new skills or deepen existing expertise. 

Your valuable contribution and that of your colleagues make imec a top player in its field. Your energy and commitment are therefore appreciated by means of an attractive and competitive salary with many fringe benefits.

Who you are

  • You have a master’s degree and a strong analytical mindset.
  • A solid background in or strong affinity with data and related domains is an important plus: Different types of data, formats of data, standards of data, …Data quality, meta data, master data, … Processing of data, ETL, … making data available, managing access to data, … Basic knowledge on BI, reporting, data warehousing, advanced analytics, …
  • Your use strong data analytic skills that enable you to lead by example and make fact-based recommendations to improve daily practices.
  • You know or want to learn concepts of open data, FAIR data, data sharing …
  • You are a team player and with your no-nonsense attitude, you coordinate several other people to realize the objectives. You network to leverage the vast R&D domain of Imec, know what data is around that might be valuable or opportune to share, reuse, …
  • Experience with R&D, academics, publications, … is a plus, technical background also
  • You have an open mind and a fluent knowledge of both Dutch and English.
  • You feel comfortable in a complex and demanding environment.

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