/Functional Analyst – Mobility & Logistics

Functional Analyst – Mobility & Logistics

Research & development - Gent | More than two weeks ago

Are you passionate about building the technologies that will drive the smart mobility & logistics solutions of tomorrow? Would you love to join a multi-disciplinary and talented team? Then you might be the Functional Analyst we are looking for!

Functional Analyst - Mobility & Logistics

imec EDiT

As a high-tech research centre that is partially publicly funded, imec carries a responsibility to ensure global as well as local impact. imec’s EDiT (“Enabling Digital Transformations”) department plays a leading role in realising local impact of digital technology by conducting demand-driven R&D, in collaboration with authorities, other imec divisions, (academic) research institutes, companies, and citizens’ organisations. Our mission is to tackle so-called “wicked problems” in 3 main domains, or “clusters”: smart cities, mobility & logistics, and public health. Our activities are guided by an “Open for Impact” vision, which puts an emphasis on open knowledge, open source, and open data. Examples of our research programmes include City of Things, Mobilidata, Internet of Water, and Nervocity. EDiT is primarily based in Ghent and Antwerp, but also maintains a presence at imec’s main campus in Leuven.

What you will do

As a functional analyst Mobility & Logistics, your job is to translate market and stakeholder needs into concrete functional requirements of smart mobility & logistics solutions and translating the requirements into concrete impact on the development process. One of the key stakeholders in this process are public organizations (including city administrations), so as a Functional Analyst you will be responsible for understanding their challenges, needs and plans.  You structure and report these findings to your team and use relevant insights to abstract functional and business requirements for the solutions your team is working on and communicate these with the development team.
You are expected to know the ecosystem inside out by keeping in touch with relevant stakeholders, end-users and data sources, but you also collect your own data via adequate tests, experiments or other data gathering techniques. You are capable to translate these different insights into coherent analysis that lead to spotting new innovation opportunities, choosing between different alternatives in terms of solution development and designing viable market introduction strategies. 

As a Functional Analyst you will also join EDiT’s Business & Domain Experts competence centre, where we will provide coaching, arrange training, evaluate and fine-tune your role and responsibilities, and plan your path within EDiT/imec together. Additionally, through our EDiT Communities of Practice initiative you will regularly interact with other developers, architects, designers, and user researchers across EDiT.

Who you are

We are looking for an experienced Functional Analyst Mobility & Logistics (+/- 5 years of experience).

“Must-haves” (essential skills):

  • Passionate about solving Mobility & Logistics challenges with a strong willingness to gain in-depth knowledge on the Flemish ecosystem in these areas.
  • Excellent analytic skills for gathering stakeholder requirements and translating this into concrete development trajectories.
  • Affinity with ICT/software development with a problem-solving mindset
  • Perfect written & oral skills in Dutch & English (professional proficiency).

“Should-haves” (a great candidate is familiar with most of these):

  • A strong technical interest and/or expertise to translate requirements to the technical team.
  • Working experience in the Mobility and/or Logistics sector.
  • A good understanding of data flows and sources (in the field of mob & log).
  • Understanding of the potential impact of technology on mob & log. 
  • Team player accustomed to Scrum or similar Agile process.
  • Knowledge of innovation management tools & techniques.
  • Experience as functional analyst with knowledge of multiple requirements gathering techniques.

“Could-haves” (it is nice to tick a few of these boxes):

  • Experience in designing business models in complex ecosysems.
  • Affinity with open source.
  • Experience with Design Thinking.

What we do for you

In exchange for your talent, passion, and expertise, imec offers you a challenging high-tech environment and a stimulating diverse culture. Employees enjoy market-competitive compensation and benefits packages, engaging career opportunities, and state of the art facilities. EDiT’s main offices are centrally located in Ghent & Antwerp, but we are also present at imec’s HQ campus in Leuven. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home is currently the default across imec. Once governmental and imec-specific restrictions allow, you will be able to choose freely at which of our sites you spend most of your time. We have always been, and will remain, quite flexible with regards to working hours and remote working, as most team communications take place online. Our open-minded and informal working culture offers you a range of possibilities to take initiative and show responsibility. Through our imec Academy, and other training initiatives, we actively invest in the development of all our employees to assure personal as well as collective growth. Joining imec is your opportunity to contribute to the technology that will determine tomorrow’s society. Your valuable contribution and that of your colleagues make imec a top player in its field.