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/Vacatures/COO & Co-founder for an imec/Ghent University startup focusing on Disruptive Gas Sensing Technology

COO & Co-founder for an imec/Ghent University startup focusing on Disruptive Gas Sensing Technology

Research & development - Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Driving the product roadmap and co-defining the strategy for our disruptive chip-scale, laser-based gas sensing technology to tackle climate change.

COO and Co-founder for an imec/Ghent University startup focusing on a Disruptive Gas Sensing Technology  

Khaos, a start-up in incubation at imec and Ghent University, is developing an exciting technology to tackle climate change. We develop and commercialize a laser-based gas leak monitoring system focused on greenhouse gases. Through its products, services, and network of partners, Khaos will enable its customers to monitor and eventually control & minimize the greenhouse gas emission levels of its partner activities. To make this vision possible, Khaos is developing a disruptive, chip-scale laser-based gas sensing technology with low cost of ownership, low power consumption and compact form factor which will allow monitoring of previously unaddressed sites and infrastructure. The first market focus of Khaos will be the Oil & Gas industry, with primary targets in upstream operations (extraction and transport). To further develop and commercialize this venture and technology, imec, UGent and Brooklyn Ventures are planning to create a new spin-off company. 
For this venture-backed start-up, we are looking for an entrepreneurial COO eager to join the venture as a co-founder

What you will do

As co-founder of the venture, you are part of an ambitious management team developing groundbreaking technology, system and software for gas sensing and modelling. Needless to say, you will co-define the strategy roadmap. 
You manage the creation, as well as the execution of the product development roadmap and are product owner. You translate market requirements into system architecture. You establish and manage the supply chain to support our strategy. 
Your key responsibilities include: 
  • Steering the development and productization of our optical semiconductors and gas sensing system. 
  • For the productization of the optical semiconductors, this means developing the required reliability, testing and acceptance criteria for the use of sensors in the challenging global Oil & Gas environment.  
  • The development of our optical gas sensing system includes defining the system architecture, translating customer needs in product requirements, and drafting a development roadmap. 
  • Developing and implementing the desired operational processes and associated supply chain. Once the supply chain and processes are implemented, you are responsible for the daily management of the operations and successful delivery of the end-product(s). 
  • Deciding on freezing the technology roadmap and transfer products into systems, channels- and/or industrial partners so they are ready for production, meeting quality and volume requirements. Negotiating the contracts and maintain the relationships with our suppliers. 
  • Building and managing a team by identifying and hiring key resources to build a high performing and ambitious operations and product development team and ensuring full engagement of the team for successful execution of operations.

What we do for you

You will have the opportunity to shape an innovative high-tech, venture-backed start-up. You can build a groundbreaking team and network to make this spin-off a success. With your entrepreneurial, technical, and managerial talents, you will have a huge impact on the achievements of this start-up. You are part of an important deep tech development, tackling global climate change. 

Who you are

Our ideal candidate is a successful and start-up minded people manager with a background in electronics combined with preferably 10+ years’ experience in semiconductor (sensor) product development, system architecture, supply chain and operations willing to work out of Belgium. 
Diving more into the details, checking some of the following boxes makes you an even better candidate for this exciting role: 
  • experience in electronics OEM business. 
  • experience in electronics design of optical sensors/systems.  
  • good knowledge on power budget considerations, PCB layout, wireless connectivity, antennas, IP rating, safety circuits, etc.  
  • experience with subcontractor management and with working in complex and demanding industries.  
  • knowledge of intrinsic safety design and experience in implementing this in design and production. 
  • experience with reliability testing and acceptance criteria. 
  • experience in development of products for challenging, global outdoor and industrial environments. 
  • experience in Photonics IC design and manufacturing. 
  • outstanding organizational, project management skills, with a great ability to work under pressure. 
  • strong analytical and problem-solving skills. 
  • combining a strong customer-oriented approach with product life cost efficiency. 
  • excellent communication and motivation skills 
  • proven negotiation skills.