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Unblock the City

September 17, 2020 | Online

Learn what value the Token project can bring to your organization 

Thursday 17 September, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
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The TOKEN ecosystem will ease up the adoption of such technologies by providing public administrations with “Public Service Ready” components and prove its added value via replicable Pioneer Use Cases. 

Digital transformation within governments is gaining momentum.

Governments see that the renewal of their services requires increased cooperation between various internal departments, but increasingly also external parties. However, the current digital systems do not always provide the necessary trust or are not capable of doing so at all.

Very often this translates into a feeling of increased administration and complex procedures on the part of the parties involved. In 2018, 21 European member states signed the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP), with which they stated their intention to review their operation. Blockchain is a technology that promotes trust among users and enables them to share information & transactions in a secure and verifiable manner. The TOKEN project is a research project that fits within this framework.

In this webinar, you will learn how public authorities, and specifically cities & municipalities, can use DLTs to improve their processes and solve issues related to trust, transparency and privacy.

The webinar takes you at cruising speed around the progress made, ambitions of the project and introduces you to the four applications.

- Learn about which applications are being developed within the Token project:

  • Management of public funding (tendering)  
  • Transparent management of public accounts 
  • Dynamic access to the city & city logistics 
  • Increased trust within an (urban) data marketplace 

- Learn how the city of Leuven looks at (last mile) urban logistics and how they plan to promote local trade and sustainable modes of transport.

- Learn about the City of Things program, imec is researching to see how technology can be used to make our cities more livable.


08.45 – Opening Webinar


09.00 - Start

Joris Finck - Project Owner & Innovation Manager imec


Keynote City Of Things Program
Jan Adriaenssens - Director imec City Of Things



Peteris Zilgalvis - European Commission (to be confirmed)


Token PUCS
Joris Finck - Project Owner & Innovation Manager imec



VIL - Flanders Innovation Cluster for Logistics


Presentation PuC #3
Juanita Devis C. - Urban Design Researcher imec


Round table talk (to be confirmed)

  • VIL
  • City of Leuven
  • Linked.Farm
  • imec


Questions & Closing remarks
Joris Finck - Project Owner & Innovation Manager imec

11.00 - End


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